Remittance Systems

we are also dedicated to delivering top-notch remittance systems through our expertise in Odoo development. Our goal is to consistently surpass your expectations by offering the latest and most innovative solutions in the industry. With our extensive experience in Odoo development, we specialize in creating remittance systems that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements

Our team of skilled developers ensures that our Odoo solutions are not only fast and efficient but also user-friendly, providing a seamless experience for both administrators and end-users. By leveraging the power of Odoo, we provide a robust platform that enables secure and streamlined remittance processes, ensuring quick and accurate transfer of funds. Whether you require features such as transaction tracking, compliance management, or integration with various payment gateways, our remittance systems are designed to meet your business goals effectively.

Complete Remittance



Our complete remittance system revolutionizes the way payments are sent and received, offering a seamless and straightforward experience. With our advanced tracking capabilities, you can easily monitor the progress of your payments, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Our system simplifies the complex process of remittance, making it more efficient and effective than ever before. Experience the convenience and ease of our remittance system as we redefine simplicity in tracking and managing payments.



Mobile App

Allow users to send and receive money 
on their phones 

Multi Currency

The online system enables trading in multiple currencies.


The online system allows to create separate regions 
(Zones or Agencies)

Full Accounting

All accounting features integrated within the system, 
with regular procedures and controls.

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